credit: Media PSS

Letter To The Man Up Top

Once upon a time, there was a football season which served a special place in memory of every people who wears PSS green in their heart. Then there’s three Brazilian. Scary-looking Anderson da Silva at the back, jump in every tackle and duel as his life was depends on it. Deca dos Santos graciously orchestrated the play from the middle of the park. Last but not least, the frontman, Marcelo Braga, good looking man for a striker and not that big in size. However, his name is larger than life. He doesn’t care about who’s in front of him. Other than that, he’s embarrassing defenders for a living. He bagged 21 goals in his first season.

After him, there’s no one from Brazil who’s ineffective in front of goal. They may not lived up to his standard, but get the job done. Today, years later, we have another Brazilian in front of goal. You. Mychell Chagas. Quite different circumstances, you were going blank in your first four matches while Braga back then managed to scored three goals. Lived up to Braga’s standard may be an uphill battle, maybe it is too much to ask to achieve or even to surpass it.

You’ve arrived with so much promises. Great link up play, nice shooting technique, and not afraid of a duel despite of your size, basically everything you need for a striker. The only missing thing is the goal. You look so good on paper, but not yet on the field. Memory of that season with Marcelo Braga as the frontman lived up to the memory to this day. Sleman have a record of being a comfortable place for a Brazilian, we refused to believe that you will be the first to break those record. We believe there’s a good purpose behind your every run and kick of the ball. Patience is your best virtue, the goal will come, eventually and hopefully.

Whatever happens, it is a joy to witness the plot unfold.

By: Radhifan