Dreams are whispered before they are shouted. Hope flourishes for those of us who dare to dream against the odds. It breathes life into our darkest days, even when believing seems like a fool’s errand. It lives in a worn-out ball that happily rests on the blessed foot of a man. It thrives all across the green carpet, where every kick is faith.

She is stitched into stories told and retold. She is the silence of a disappointed crowd, as well as the explosive cheers from the packed stands. She is not just the thrill of victory and the despair of defeat. Each season is not just a series of matches, but a larger narrative we write together.

We know well the heartbreaks and the joy along the path. Yet we keep surge forward towards something greater than ourselves. Through her, we shared smiles that passed between knowing glances. We build dreams of a future where improbability is not impossible. She lights our darkest night.

She is more than our escape; she is the mirror of our lives. Although life itself, much like football, is unpredictable and often unfair. She is our shared hope and echoed dream. The sun may set on another day, the field may be emptied, and the crowd may disperse. PSS? She is only for those who dare to dream and truly live.

By: keboblasen
Artwork: Galih